Monday, January 23, 2006

Ordination and Installation of Reverend Matthew Paul Buccheri as Assistant Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NYC: January 22, 2006

After looking at this photo, some of you may be filled with disbelief, even with horror. Others, on the other hand--especially those who have supported my ministry efforts over the years--may be celebrating with me. Whatever the case (and whoever you may be), the picture is real and this really happened (regardless of what your opinion may be). By God's grace and after 6 long years of preparation, not to mention "a little help from my friends," I was ordained and installed yesterday morning as an assistant pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NYC.

I want to take the time to thank some of you who participated in the ordination service: The Rev. John Lin for his winsome opening and preparation that set the tone for the entire service; the Rev. Scott Strickman for his challenging, yet personal charge (Heb 12:2-3); the Rev. Dr. Timothy Keller for his appropriate "ordination prayer;" the Rev. David Bisgrove for our budding friendship; the Rev. Terry Gyger for always believing that I had a place at Redeemer; Webster Younce (elder) for his continued friendship and support (and for agreeing to be the commission secratary); Charlie Oswal (elder) for wearing his Ranger's home jersey at my request. And lastly to Yi Ya my wife and Hannah my daughter--no other two people have supported me more!

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