Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Years Eve Reflection on Genesis 3: "The King Has No Clothes"

I recently preached a sermon on Genesis 3 through the lens of what Adam and Eve were wearing. You can listen here.

Since my undergraduate art history class, I haven't been able to shake the Masaccio image on the left--an image which perfectly portrays the horror and shame of Adam and Eve's expulsion from the garden. What was branded in my mind was Eve's expression--one which should be on the face of every human being once we have come to the realization that we have been exiled from the presence of the God of the universe.


Ken Walker said...

Hey, it's that cool pastor. :)

Thanks for visiting us at the Village Church -- it was a great sermon.


Matthew Paul Buccheri said...

Thanks Ken, and thanks for visiting the blog. It was good filling Sam's shoes and meeting you guys. I'm looking forward to coming again.

jedidiah said...

i was in the redeemer offices today and thought i'd say hello but you were out. we should have coffee soon. i want to hear how you are and especially how going back to wts goes once you start again.

sorry i missed your preaching. you should let me know next time.