Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Book the PCA Study Committee Needed to Read:
The Saving Righteousness of God by Michael Bird

Michael Bird has done a wonderful and fair job sifting through the data on the New Perspective on Paul. Moreover (and for some strange reason) he has an interest in the debates inside the PCA (why? I don't quite know!). So, if you want a solid treatment of the issues pertaining to the debate within the PCA, PLEASE READ THIS BOOK!

At this point I'm only about halfway through the book, so to review it would be unfair. But I will say that it is the single best treatment of all the issues that I have read to date. Bird reminds us and demonstrates that Richard B. Gaffin (my former professor) has been more aligned with the NPP than he cares to admit! He also does a fine job of dealing with, dikaiosune theou; pistis Christou; and the biblical texts surrounding these issues and others related to justification by faith. Lastly, he grounds his work historically when necessary.



Wayne said...
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Craig said...

Just finished Bird last week and it is an excellent book it that in combines gospel clarity with Christian charity. It is also THE book to read on the whole NPP dust-up.

Michael F. Bird said...

I'm so glad that you found the book helpful and thanks for your kind words! For your info, I have no direct interest in the PCA other than ensuring that those who enjoy reading Wright and enjoy dialoguing with the NPP are not needlessly maligned in any conservative denomination by virtue of that fact. Sadly, I anticipate a reprisal from some quarters in the PCA who do not think that my critique went far enough.