Saturday, January 19, 2008

Save Westminster Theological Seminary from Itself!

Click here to go to the most important link you can ever click.


Anonymous said...

To the Right and Most Reverend Buccheri and your readers.

I think your fingers must have slipped. The website you realy want people to go to is here....

timblack1 said...

Hi Matt,

I see you signed the petition. In case a country boy can change your mind, check out my response at


Justin said...

Hi Matthew,

I follow your Blog a little. I came here via the 'save our seminary' site. I'm an Anglican minister serving at a Redeemer Affiliate.

Will you be posting on the suspension of Enns? I'd like to hear your thoughts as an outsider to Westminster/PCA etc.

It looks heart-wrenching, and I am praying today about it.

Anonymous said...

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